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Gaming is Hard: 3/15 with Mallory O'Meara and Lauren Panepinto

Howdy friends!

It's been a quiet couple of months as I've been buried under work, travel, and general shenanigans. But I've missed doing the streams, so we're back tomorrow night with a writer/publisher duo: Mallory O'Meara of Lady from the Black Lagoon and James Beard Award-Winning Girly Drinks fame, and Lauren Panepinto, the Creative Director at Orbit Books. We're all gonna be playing World of Warcraft together and they're going to try and show my very confused self the wonders of the new Dragonflight expansion.

Come with your questions about about writing non-fiction, podcasting, juggling side projects, and the art and cover design process!

Wednesday 3/15
7:30 pm EST - 9:30 pm EST
Mallory O'Meara (@malloryomeara) and Lauren Panepinto (@planetpinto)

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